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Baseball Positive - 2014 Seminars for Coaches in Youth Baseball & Softball Leagues

Baseball Positive Coaching Seminar 2011

Catchers Drills Presentation Outline and Drills

Exercises and Drills for Batting

Exercises and Drills for Pitching

Baseball Positive Manual

T-ball / Coach-Machine Pitch, On Field Training

Teaching Pitching


2015 Descriptions of Coach/Parent Training Programs

Offered for RUG Coaches and Parents by Mark Linden, from Baseball Positive


Dynamic Practice Structure 

Coaches learn to make the most of every minute of practice using the Baseball Positive Practice Template (a modified version of a college practice).  The use of this template makes practice planning simple and easy.  The kids quickly learn a consistent routine; they know what is expected and where they need to be for each segment of practice.  The result is increased player development and a stimulating, positive and fun environment.

“Batting Practice: A 12-Player Drill” is a dynamic activity that has each player working, learning and developing at all times.  This is part of any effective practice and is a core topic of the clinic.  Coaches are shown how to tie pitching development into each practice. 

Basics of drill structure, fielding and the batting swing are taught.


Teaching the Game

Attendees learn that coaching at the lower levels does not require deep knowledge or experience.  Coaches (and prospective coaches) walk away confident that they can successfully teach ‘How the Game is Played’, make the game fun and help kids develop skills and grow their passion for playing.

Teaching the game is laid out in a clear, simple, step-by-step process.  The concept that “Baseball is a Game of Movement” is a central theme of the clinic.  A system is taught that gets all nine players on the field moving, contributing and having fun on each play. 

The throwing and pitching actions are taught.  The objective is to ensure that all kids learn to throw properly, reduce the frequency of sore arms and limit injuries.  An additional objective is to increase the number of kids who can pitch and create a game environment where more strikes are thrown resulting in faster moving games with more action. 


Drills and Skills

All drills that coaches need for the entire season are taught.  Coaches learn which drills and skills to introduce first, which order to introduce additional drills and skills, and which drills and concepts they can wait to introduce later in the spring.  Variations of each drill are shown to make to make them applicable for each level of play.  Fielding fundamentals are taught as part of the clinic.

Coaches are taught to understand that drills don’t immediately work on the field like they do ‘on paper’ and that drills and skills take time for the kids to learn, understand and execute.  Coaches are shown what common mistakes occur and how to make corrections using a positive and encouraging approach. 

Incorporating a scrimmage as a fun and constructive teaching tool, in each practice, is covered in detail. 



This is a ‘participatory’ clinic.  All attendees are on their feet, active and ‘learning by doing’ for most of the clinic.  Our goal is for every parent of registered player to attend this clinic.  The concept that Tee-Ball is a parent-child activity is emphasized throughout the clinic.  A key to the kids having a good experience and developing a desire to come back and play again next year is very much impacted by the number of adults that are involved during each practice and game.  The clinic drives home this message.

We make it clear that ‘knowing baseball’ is not needed to be an effective ‘coach’ at this level.  Additional points of emphasis include: reasonable expectations, techniques for effectively teaching skills applicable to this age group and structuring a lively and fun practice with age appropriate activities.